Hello, I'm Karin.

I'm an independent contractor who primarily works with nonprofit organizations. Understanding the often dynamic work of nonprofit organizations, I am responsive to their varying needs.

A few professional highlights:

  • I have managed a million-dollar federal grant for multiple years and can take you through the full life cycle of a grant. 
  • I have experience liaising with government agencies including consulates, embassies, and governmental corporations.
  • My research contributed to the creation of a new bachelor degree of Global and International Studies at Carleton University. 
  •  I have facilitated a website transfer to new platform, wherein I updated structure and content simultaneously.
  • I launched the YES! Support network communications strategy, and continue to advise on nonprofit best practices.

I would love to use my skills to help accomplish your goals and grow your organization. 


How can I help your organization?

Grant Writing

Manage the life cycle of federal and private grants while working within agency structure and timelines

Program Development

Lead the creation and implementation of custom programs to increase impact in organizational initiatives, and create structures to measure the efficacy of the program


Write website content, press releases, social media, reports, and publications to convey client message and vision


“Are you looking for a reliable consultant to get your non-profit off the ground? Karin Abma Consulting was pivotal in the successful launch of our non-profit. Karin’s guidance, efficiency and overall sophistication provided organizational strategies to engage and educate families who visited our customized website. Working with Karin is seamless as she is highly self-directed, intuitive, and prompt. Most of all, Karin has a heart for non-profit organizations and her passion is greatly reflected in her work ethic.”

Deb Hannah

Founder of YES! Young onset dementia Education and Support

Meet Karin



For the last ten years I have worked in higher education and the nonprofit worlds. I worked for Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, before moving to Maryland. Most of my nonprofit experience is with an organization called Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic, where I have been able to contribute in a variety of different ways including managing a federal grant, planning workshops and events, managing an awards program, and serving on a JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) Task Force. 

I enjoy working collaboratively with a small team, and also independently, taking ownership of a project. Want to know more? Please reach out today.

Thank you,


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